Easter Season Sermon Series

easter season for websiteAs we celebrate the power of the Resurrection, we will be using the playful poetry of the Sufi poet, Hafiz, paired with the powerful stories in the Gospel of John to explore the power of JOY in our Christian journey.  Expect to be challenged, encouraged, and uplifted each week!

April 3 — GOD IN ALL CREATION — John 1:1-5, 14-18 

Poem by Hafiz — “The Moon is Also Busy”

God has revealed light and life through Christ, but also throughout all of creation. We will celebrate and explore all the ways we experience joy throughout God’s creation.

April 10 — WAKING UP — John 3:1-8 

Poem by Hafiz — “Laughter”

Hafiz writes about laughter as the glorious sound of a soul waking up.  We will explore the ways that God’s grace meets us throughout our life, helping us to wake up, just as Nicodemus did on the night he met Jesus in person.

April 17 — DISCOVERING OUR WORTH — John 4:1-30 

Poem by Hafiz – “A Golden Compass”

The woman at the well spent most of her time as an outcast, but on one fateful day met Jesus and discovered her infinite worth.  We will explore together Jesus’ affirmation of the wondrous spirit that lives in each one of us and the affirmation of our beloved and worthy status.

April 24 — LIFE WITH THE FRIEND — John 14:15-19 

Poem by Hafiz – “Cast All Your Votes for Dancing”

Jesus promised his followers that upon his departure he would send another, the Spirit, who would continue to guide them in wisdom and in truth.  Hafiz talks about “the friend,” in whose light we find that we are being healed of our ailments.  We will explore the call to a joyful life of walking in the Spirit!

May 1 —  PEACE AND JOY — John 14:27-29 

Poem by Hafiz — “You Don’t Have to Act Crazy Anymore”

In the midst of the chaos and challenge of life, it seems counterintuitive to think of peace and joy as a choice we can make.  But as Hafiz points out, “we don’t have to act crazy anymore.”  The spirit and presence of God with us presents us with the choice each day to choose joy and peace.

May 8 — COMFORT & PROTECTION — John 17:6-13 

Poem by Hafiz — “Keeping Watch”

Even when we head into seasons of great conflict and struggle, we are assured by Jesus that the Spirit and presence of God is keeping watch over us.  Even in these moments, this assurance can give us moments of joy in the midst of great challenge.


Poem by Hafiz — “I Will Hire You as a Minstrel”

The call on Pentecost Sunday is to share the good news of Jesus and the joy that it brings throughout all the world.  Hafiz writes that God has hired us as a minstrel to galavant across the land bringing the songs of joy to the people in greatest need.  We will be challenged to take this contagious joy and share it with others!