The Easter Season @ Summit on 16th - STORIES OF CONVERSION

Easter is more than a Sunday, it is a season! This season we will be hearing stories from our own community of lives that have been transformed. GiffinCreative-20150329-001-1587



82 East 16th Ave.


April 12 – Stepping Out in Trust

Judy Long tells stories of God’s grace & challenge from her journey.

April 19 – Transformation Begins on the Inside

Barb Wills will have a dialogue with Pastor April about how her journey to make the world a better place began with an internal conversion. Stay afterward for a talk on Green Energy & info on the Columbus Community Bill of Rights.

April 26 – A Guarantee of What is to Come

Lamont Turner will share stories of his journey of faith, the evidence of things not seen. Meghan Link will bring some insights from Scripture. Stay afterward for our Student Gratitude Lunch.

May 3 – God Uses Damaged Goods

Rev. Susan Smith tells the story of her own journey & conversion.

May 10 – Restoring the Faith

Bettina Hughes tells the story of faith.

May 17 – Forgiveness

Timi Townsend tells the powerful story of her lesson in forgiveness.

May 24 – Pentecost Sunday