Constructive Theology - TUESDAYS @ 7p - New Class Begins March 24th


Ready to dig deeper into this faith journey?  Ready to start finding ways to articulate and better understand who God is?

Some people hear the world “theology” and immediately find themselves intimidated. That work is obviously for the trained professionals, those people who have been to seminary… not for “someone like me.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

The work of theology is simply FAITH SEEKING UNDERSTANDING.

The work of theology is about weaving together words and understanding with the stories of our lives, finding ways to engage the big questions of who God is and who we are with the everyday moments of our lives. It is difficult to grow in our faith without engaging in the work of theology. And engaging in the work of theology, when done authentically, should challenge us to dive more deeply into our lives of faith.

Developing a strong theological foundation is key to our life of faith, but it is difficult work.  This month, Pastor April will begin this course, which will involve study, discussion, guided prayer, artwork, videos, and even a retreat.  Participants will be expected to do reading between classes and work toward the creation of a final project.

Class begins on Tuesday, March 24th at 7pm.

All abilities and levels are welcome.