Black History Month @ Summit - Transformational Conversations About Race, Faith & A New Way to Live

During Black History Month, the community at Summit will be using Scripture, history, and the stories of our present moment on Sundays and during the week to do some teaching, create space for conversation, and provide guidance on how to take the necessary next steps to continue the movement toward racial justice and reconciliation. bigstockphoto_hand_shake_black_white_1200381

Sunday, FEBRUARY 1 –Towers that Topple: The Roots of Oppression – 10:30am

Rev. April Blaine & Karen Hewitt

Sunday, FEBRUARY 8 –Tribes, Violence and a New Way of Living – 10:30am

Rev. April Blaine


Wednesday, FEBRUARY 11 – The Life of Rosa Parks – 7:00pm

Sponsored by OSA, in the Freedom Hub @ 82 East 16th Ave.


Sunday, FEBRUARY 15 – The Exodus & God’s Liberation – 10:30am

Aramis Malachi Sundiata & Jason Leighton


Wednesday, FEBRUARY 18 – ASH WEDNESDAY – Dust is SOMETHING – 7:30pm

In the Freedom Hub @ 82 East 16th Ave.


Sunday, FEBRUARY 22 – Privilege, Conversion, and the Struggle to Do Good– 10:30am

Rev. Robb Tarr & Robert Caldwell


SUNDAY WORSHIP @ 82 East 16th Ave.