A Chance to Take A Breath During the Holiday

Students have it pretty crazy in early December with the semester wrapping up, finals to take, and, for many, traveling as part of their preparation for the holidays.  We were excited to host a de-stress and re-charge space this year for students who were managing all this craziness, and we hope that the meditations and contemplative spiritual practices offered students a good chance to feel grounded and at peace during this time. However, students are not the only ones who deal with stress this time of year.  The holidays can be crazy for anyone whether it's busy end-of-year times at work, braving the crowds shopping for gifts, managing family that's sometimes a blessing and sometimes a stress, or other things we might deal with.  For a lot of us, tensions present in our society about where we're at in truly embodying peace and goodwill for all hangs over our celebrations this season, as well. So, whether you're a student or not, take some time for yourself to take a breath and let God meet you in what you're dealing with.  Below are the quotes we've had around the church and at self-guided stations for students to interact with, so feel free to find a moment to invite God's spirit to encourage, convict, sustain, and empower you at this time.


Quotes for Meditation