Civil Rights History and Service Tour (Over OSU's Spring Break)

We will travel through both the big name towns and the local communities that were part of the momentum of the civil rights movement. We will visit the place where King was shot and the National Civil Rights Museum, and we will visit houses and places of people who never received such fame for their work, CC Bryant, Medgar Evers, and the Little Rock 9. The movement was about all of these people who came together to make change! We'll begin and end our week together examining how these issues are still alive in our world today as we hear from Michelle Alexander here in Columbus, and her book the The New Jim Crow, and we'll end with current efforts to rebuild and organize down in New Orleans.

There is limited space, so sign up today! Deadline: February 25th, 2014.

Travel Dates: March 8th - 15th

Estimated cost: $100-150

Email Pastor Lucy to sign up!

lucy [at]