What are we waiting for? An early start to ADVENT & Christmas

In the Christian calendar, a new year of worship begins each year on the first Sunday of Advent.   Advent is the season of waiting in the weeks leading up to Christmas.  It is the time when we remember the hope and expectation that God's people waited for in the first coming of Jesus (the first Advent).  And we continue to wait with expectation for the ways that God is still breaking into our world now, something we believe will be culminated at some point in the future when Jesus comes in fullness for a second Advent. Originally, Advent was celebrated two weeks earlier than it is today, which allowed for four weeks of waiting and then 2-3 weeks of celebration of Christmas!

At Summit, we will follow this tradition and start ADVENT 2 weeks earlier than usual.  We will play with the theme of "What are we Waiting For?" looking at the ways we wait for things both personally and as a community and also challenge ourselves to move toward action in some areas where we need to stop waiting!


Here's the Schedule:

1ST SUNDAY OF ADVENT - Sunday November 17 Waiting for Peace

2ND SUNDAY OF ADVENT - Sunday, November 24 Waiting for Leadership

3RD SUNDAY OF ADVENT - Sunday, December 1 Waiting for Redemption

4th SUNDAY OF ADVENT - Sunday, December 8 Waiting for Immanuel (Stay afterward for the Hanging of the Greens!)

1st Sunday of CHRISTMAS - Sunday December 15 Special Christmas Cantata

2nd Sunday of CHRISTMAS - Sunday, December 22


3rd SUNDAY OF CHRISTMAS - Sunday, December 29 Carols & Singing