Following the Radical Jesus - A Journey through the Sermon on the Mount



We will be taking an exciting journey together as a community as we seek to encounter the RADICAL JESUS and discover the things he taught that challenge us to live differently in the world!

Beginning on Sunday, July 21st, we will be spending 3 months in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7)

You won't want to miss the special performance on Sunday, July 21st of a variety of folks performing the entire sermon!

Then, in the following weeks... We will walk through it piece by piece, bit by bit, one section at a time.  Taking it in.  And allowing ourselves to be changed.

Intrigued?  Interested?

There are lots of ways you can step into this study, in addition to coming on Sunday mornings!

TUESDAYS @ 5:30pm - Pastor April's Bible Study - study the Sermon on the Mount Scriptures weeks before we do them on Sunday morning.  Starting June 4, we will be studying these passages in depth!

MONDAYS @ 6:30pm - Every week through October 21, join us for an interactive way of studying the Sermon on the Mount.  Think Drama Club meets Bible Study.  There will be time for study and time for improv and performance and reaction to the text.  Not only will this group be a blast, but you may also choose to take some of the things that you create in this space and use them on Sunday morning.  Older Elementary Age children and older are welcome!

Interested in learning more?  Contact Pastor April.


July 28 – The Beatitudes

Aug 4–ALL CHURCH RETREAT @ MTSO (offsite) – Salt & Light

Aug 11 – Anger

Aug 18 – Adultery & Divorce

Aug 25 – Oaths & Promises

Sept 1 – Love for Enemies

Sept 8 – Generosity

Sept 15 –Prayer & Fasting

Sept 22 – Treasures in Heaven

Sept 29 – ALUMNI SUNDAY – Do Not Worry

Oct 6 – Judging Others

Oct 13 – Narrow Gate / Good Fruit

Oct 20 – Laity Sunday

Oct 27 – Building a STRONG foundation - THE BIG WRAP UP!