Thank you to everyone who came out to volunteer during Welcome Week at Summit Church!

We connected to over 1,000 students that week with our information, ourselves and our cupcakes.

Thank you...

Susan Rudder, Pearl Forte, Ruth Hayes-Bell, Erin Hardin, Sile Singleton, Jordann Dillard, Lynne Reid, April Blaine, Lainie Rini, Dee Stickley-Miner, Sharon Huber, Cindy Turvy, Naomi Weinert, Tori Smart, Jean Rauschenberg, Erin Tarr, Gretchen Rauschenberg, Sandy Wycoff, Karen Gardner, Linda Bernhard, Jane Swinford, Lori Schiefer, Emily Nemeth, Megan Hernandez, Chere Hampton, Lucy Waechter Webb, George Ryerson, Charmane Hall, Grecca Walker, Mark Reed, Andy Napier, Aramis Reed, Mark Call, Daniel Waechter Webb, Britany and Adam Utley, Cindy Turvy, Dane Chavers, Gary Reid, Judy Long, George Ryerson, Deb Napier, Meredith Joy, William Hall