Summertime at Summit - CALLED TO BE THE CHURCH

                This Summer @ SUMMIT ON 16TH





What does it mean to be the church today?



This summer, we will spend our time in the book of Acts, learning from the early church and exploring all the ways that God invites us to be the church.  Each week, we will also look closely at our Statement of Call (listed below) and how Summit can be living out our faith!



July 1              Preacher: April Blaine                               Acts 2:42-47            

“We will be a community of radical inclusion.”

July 8              Preacher: April Blaine                               Acts 3:11-19

“We will make spaces for small group and one-on-one conversations to grapple with the questions of personal faith, the life and work of Jesus Christ, and what that means for our lives.”

July 15           Preacher: Youth

“We will intentionally create meaningful opportunities for children, youth, and college students to experience God’s love for them, explore issues of faith, think critically, and develop as leaders in Christ’s church.”

July 22           Preacher: April Blaine/staff                     Freedom School Celebration Sunday

“We will take a bold stand against the systems and policies we encounter that promote and perpetuate injustice poverty and oppression and mobilize our congregation to advocate against them.”

July 29           Preacher: April Blaine                               Acts 4:23-31

“We will seek to discern God’s wisdom through prayer.”

Aug 5              Preacher: April Blaine                               Acts 5:1-11                                                               All Church Retreat (offsite)

“We will develop authentic, meaningful relationships with each other, where we are free to have honest, open, and sometimes difficult conversations.”

Aug 12           Preacher: Mark Reed                                                        

Aug 19           Preacher: Robert Caldwell                                               

Aug 26           Preacher: April Blaine                               Acts 6:1-7                  Ice Cream Social

“We will identify our own gifts, help others discover their gifts and prepare and equip people for leadership.”