Summit Alumni Sunday - September 30th

***** WHAT A WILDLY SUCCESSFUL day it was! Thank you so much to the 190 people who came out to celebrate this very important day! We are blessed to have such a rich legacy and history as a church. We hope that many of you will be back next year. Many Blessings! ***** This was how we closed our service - with a circle of clergy sending us out into the world!

This fall, we are excited to be hosting our 1st annual Summit Alumni Sunday on Sunday, September 30th at 10:30am.

The history of Summit is a rich one, filled with stories of faithful people who have been shaped and who have shaped this fantastic community in so many ways.

The present situation at Summit is one that is filled with new life and vitality and we are excited to host an event where the people who have shaped the past and the people shaping the future can come together and share stories, fellowship, prayer, and celebration.

This event will mark the official beginning of the Summit Alumni Association - a collection of all people who have been a part of the Summit Community, University Church, Indianola Church, Wesley Foundation, or a part of the Wesley House or the Wesleyanna house.  Each year, we will gather on a special Sunday to remember our past and celebrate the future.  Each time we gather, we will celebrate one person in our community who has passed away, and one person who is still living.

This fall, we will be honoring Lloyd White, "Whitey" and Charles Lindabury.

We hope you will mark your calendars and make plans to be present on this special day.  You won't want to miss a meaningful service, followed by a potluck lunch, and closing with recognition and stories of Whitey and Chuck.

It will be a special day for certain and we hope you will come and take part!


9:15 - Join in for Choir Rehearsal

10:00-10:30 - Refreshments and Fellowship

10:30 - Worship

12:00 - Tours of the Building and Lunch

12:30 - Honoring Chuck Lindabury and Lloyd White

Watch the Video to get excited!


If you are interested in helping out with the event, please contact Pastor April.