Join the Summit on 16th Walking Team!

Bishop Ough is challenging us to walk and pray this Spring. You can join the "Summit on 16th" walking team by signing up on Here are his words from a recent message: "It is a cumulative total of 27,090 miles from the Conference Center in Worthington to Monterrey (Mexico), Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Samara (Russia), Kamina (Congo) and back to Lakeside.  On February 12, 2012 (my 61st birthday) I will begin to log my miles to the four corners of the world.  I will post my progress on the West Ohio Conference website at and on our West Ohio Facebook page at  I hope hundreds of you will join me in walking and also posting your progress online.  Together, we may be able to walk to the four corners of the world multiple times before the last day of this challenge June 12 – four months from February 12.

While I walk, I will be praying.  I will be praying for Jesus’ ministry of healing to become deeply imbedded in my life and the life of each of our congregations.  I will be praying for solidarity with God’s children around the world – most of whom have no mode of transportation but walking.  I will be praying for each of our four partnerships.  I will be praying for Holy Spirit breakthroughs of health, vitality and renewal in each of our West Ohio churches.  I invite you to fully engage in this Prayer Walk for personal and global health.