Hospitality committee seeking members

HOSPITALITY is defined in the dictionary as " the friendly reception and treatment of guests or strangers". That describes the essence of what Summit Church is all about, from a warm greeting as folks enter the church to the Hospitality table at the back of the worship area. In our society we equate hospitality with food, as eating is often at the center of our entertaining and interaction with friends. And so it is at Summit. Hospitality on Sunday morning is a chance to meet at the coffee and snack table to welcome and greet new and old friends, to get a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate and to enjoy a snack. You may have noticed recently that we are attempting to offer some healthy choices at the hospitality table. We will be moving more into that direction in the weeks to come.

We are hoping to form a Hospitality team with each member being on a rotating schedule to bring refreshments or set up before Sunday service and clean up after. We are all part of the Summit family and, as in any family, we all need to do our share and help so that no one person or group of people are left with doing the same things all the time. If you are willing to donate your time or just bring food for the table, please contact Lynne or Gary Reid. Your help is urgently needed and gratefully accepted.